The challenge issue

The demand for electricity is increasing. At the same time, the offer is also rising rapidly. The current electricity network cannot cope with this. That's why we are working hard to create a more extensive network that is strong enough. This is quite a challenge, because we have to prevent the new grid from becoming too heavy or too expensive. In this way, we can prevent the energy bill from rising unnecessarily. How can we use innovative solutions to match the growing supply and demand for electricity and thus make the best use of the current grid?

This is the challenge prize

Good ideas, designs and solutions need more than funding to be developed. Your project plan must also be ready and attractive to investors. Therefore, the Zeeland Public Interest Foundation and innovation hub Dockwize collaborate in this challenge.

Together we have developed a program to help you further elaborate and develop your proposal. This will significantly increase your chances of obtaining funding. The program is also part of what you ultimately hand in. Do you have an approved plan? Then you can apply for 50% to 70% funding (up to a maximum of € 1,000,000). On top of that, guidance is possible.

During the program you will evaluate your idea with business coaches and experts. Together you will work on the design in several sessions, after which you will present your idea to a jury. The jury will decide which project plans are ready for this program called 'Boost the grid', in which your project plan will be further developed.

Is your plan selected by the jury? Congratulations! During the program you will work on making your idea even more concrete. During these work sessions, all project plans are prepared to be submitted to The Zeeland Public Interest Foundation.   


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Why the 'Boost the grid' challenge?

Exiting things are happening in the world in terms of the energy transition. We ask a lot of the electricity grid we currently have and must seek for solutions and plans to guarantee a reliable and available grid in the future. This is the only way to achieve the necessary and desired acceleration of the energy transition.

Sustainable use, accelerating the transition and renewable energy generation currently are important themes, while the sustainability of transport (including vehicles, vessels, aircraft), heat demand (built environment) and raw materials continue unabated.

New renewable energy projects, businesses and residential areas can simply be connected to the growing electricity grid. In this way, we will continue to develop the regions and businesses economically. In short: we keep sight of the realization of all sustainability objectives.

Interested or questions?

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Terms and conditions

What solutions are we looking for?


  • smart, innovative solutions
  • solutions that involve a research question
  • solutions at the interface with existing legislation
  • solutions that could, in the long term, contribute to the grid
  • solutions in which you, as a participant, play a major role
  • scalable solutions
  • reproducible solutions
  • solutions that make an impact in the area covered by Stedin (Utrecht, Zuid-Holland, Zeeland) and especially in Zeeland, matching the DNA of Zeeland
  • solutions with a solidinancial basis
  • complete solutions
  • solutions in the grid and behind the meter
  • solutions from outside the Netherlands
  • solutions thatill produce their first results within two years
  • solutions at every level of the chain, and for every energy carrier
  • solutions that go beyond technology alone


  • existing solutions for congestion (a blockage in the network due to too much supply and demand)
  • solutions without sufficient technical, financial and project-based underpinning
  • solutions that already exist or Already have been marketed
  • solutions requiring and/or increasing the significant use of fossil fuels or combustibles
  • solutions that cause the exclusion of parties on the grid
  • solutions that exceed the principles of the legislation
  • solutions that do not sufficiently safeguard the social point of view
  • applications for the same pilots already running elsewhere in the Netherlands.

Which participants are we looking for?



  • participants with the power to implement
  • participants who finance a reasonable proportion themselves
  • participants who form a collective


  • participants who do not form a legal entity
  • participants trying to finance an unprofitable business case or unprofitable top of an already existing activity
  • those seeking a purchase subsidy
  • participants who actually want to use it to finance their daily business.

Not sure if your solution fits within the challenge? Please contact program manager Jeroen van Oijen at +31 (0)6 51 26 63 50 or Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.



Solution directions

Need inspiration? This is what we are looking for:

Influencing the demand aspect such as:

  • smoothing out, reducing peak demand at certain places and times
  • application of hybrid systems, such as electricity to gas and heating or electricity to heat and vice versa
  • influencing demand at certain places and times
  • different and innovative design considerations in the design of new buildings, neighbourhoods and companies

Influencing the supply aspect, such as: 

  • smoothing out, spreading out feed-in peaks, making useful 'overplanting'
  • preventing curtailment
  • influencing supply at certain places and times
  • constructing solar parks differently, such as east/west orientation instead of a south one.
  • combine solar and wind, preferably with local demand
  • helping producers to generate energy from multiple sources or to buffer or convert the yield.

Matching/directing supply and demand, such as:

  • (smaller) peak power plants for electricity on hydrogen or methane
  • things that make it possible to link up the energy market and switch equipment on and off
  • bring generation and consumption closer together
  • 'flexibility tools' for the short (day/week) and long term (months/seasons), such as storage and conversion
  • new incentives for voluntary flexibility
  • different pricing models in the energy market and different tariff structures (ACM).

Influencing the transport aspect of the electricity grid, such as:

  • better P4 data role comes into play; the problem is mainly telecommunications with smart meters)
  • reduce the (social) costs of all solutions, including those outside the scope
  • constructing the network in a smarter more innovative and simpler way
  • find and unite more technical staff for accelerated construction

We're not looking for:

Support grid operators, as with:

  • solutions related to import/export and interconnection
  • solutions that are related to expanding the infrastructure such as weighting, enlarging, upgrading, more stations, expanding existing stations, more smaller subnets (pockets), etc.
  • solutions involving direct lining, i.e. making connections outside the grid between (larger) importers and customers
  • solutions aimed at 'cable pooling', because closed distribution systems are not allowed by law (there are exceptions for solar and wind parks, incidentally)

Helping governments with solutions such as:

  • solutions to raise more money for investments by network operators
  • solutions that deal with adjustments to energy taxes
  • solutions involving the acceleration of procedures
  • solutions involving changes to the Energy Act
  • solutions that focus on government direction
  • solutions that facilitate spatial integration.

 Not sure if your solution fits within the challenge? Please contact program manager Jeroen van Oijen at +31 (0)6 51 26 63 50 or Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken..


Challenge owners

About Zeeland Public Interests Foundation

The Zeeland Public Interests Foundation is a unique collaboration between the Zeeland province, the Zeeland municipalities and network company Stedin Group. The foundation was established to safeguard the agreements from the sale of DNWG/Enduris to Stedin Group in energy supply and energy transition, among others. To stimulate energy transition in Zeeland, the foundation will make a budget available from a fund for sustainable innovations.

About Dockwize - Your Innovation Hub

Dockwize is an incubator where startups make a successful start, education and business come together, innovative entrepreneurship is driven and companies are prepared for the future.

We offer programs for students, startups and innovators. We provide housing, a home base from which (young) entrepreneurs can grow. We organize matchevents to connect and strengthen the network. We know the fastest way to funding and see research and education as a tool for progress. We like to be the accelerator in the route to innovation and renewal.



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