Are you eager to expand your client base but don't know where to begin? If so, it is a good idea to ask yourself what problem you can solve for your existing and potential clients. Who are these clients, exactly? What do they have in common and how can you use that to your advantage? In this part of Your Programme, we will discuss the following topics (all of which are fully tailored to your unique situation).

Do you know what your target group is?

Who are the people to whom you want to sell your product or service? This is your target group. It consists of people who are having the problem that your business can solve for them.   The people who make up your target group all have a shared goal, a common problem and a comparable lifestyle. How can you get to know your target group better? How can you gain sufficient insight into your target group to know exactly what offer is relevant to them?

Map out your customer journey

Once someone realises they have a need, they will begin searching for a solution. From that moment on, they are a potential client for your business. Whenever you sell a product, a client has concluded their customer journey. The decision-making process is over and the client has chosen your business over all others. That's great, but what does your customer journey actually look like? Mapping out your customer journey also allows you to identify points of improvement. This will make it even more likely that new clients will choose you instead of taking their business elsewhere. In other words, it is important to know where your customer journey begins and what steps are taken along the way.

The right marketing at the right time

The goal of marketing is to reach out to your target group at exactly the right time.   If a potential client is in the orientation phase--i.e., comparing different providers of the product or service they need--it is important to stand out with an experience.   Once this client begins to exhibit an intent to buy, it is time to share pricing information.   This module will teach you how to develop and maintain your client base.

In this part of Your Programme, you will work on the aforementioned topics with the help of your coach. The module will be tailored to your specific business, product and market. 

After completing this part of Your Programme...

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