This is an important question to ask yourself. The way you have positioned your business in the market is one of the main reasons why stakeholders and clients choose your product or service over those of your competitors. How can you make your business and offer stand out from the pack? In this part of Your Programme, we will discuss the following topics (all of which are fully tailored to your unique situation).

The ins and outs of positioning

It is not hard to be different. However, being relevant for your target group is a lot trickier. It is important to make sure your target group understands what you have to offer. What does it mean to be "different” and how should you present yourself on the market--all while staying true to yourself?

Your value proposition: a clear and concise explanation of what you can offer your client

Your client has to know what you can bring to the table. This message is best delivered as clearly and concisely as possible. Now is the time to be bold! Can you get right to the point and explain exactly what your offer means to your client and how it can benefit them? Learn how to refine your value proposition to perfection.

Stay ahead of the competition!

Entrepreneurs doing the same thing as you can quickly turn into competitors. However, even a business whose products or services are nothing like yours can also be a competitor. What if your client has several entirely different alternatives to choose between? What happens if you are dependent on a single supplier or major client? In this part of Your Programme, you will work towards strengthening your distinctive capability.

After completing this part of Your Programme, you...

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