It is always best to closely monitor your finances. The last thing you want is unpleasant surprises. Do you have sufficient insight into your earnings and expenses? What systems, staff and external expertise do you use? Do you have insight into the development of your revenue figures? In other words: how good are you with numbers? In this part of Your Programme, we will discuss the following topics (all of which are fully tailored to your unique situation).

Insight into your cash flow

Counting your money after the fact is easy, but it does not offer the assurance you need. The trick is to be able to look ahead. Are you well prepared to deal with unexpected costs? Can you estimate what your earnings will be in the near future? How can you gain insight into how future plans and fluctuations will affect your financial situation? With this insight, you can take timely action if necessary.

Ka-ching! What is your revenue model?

What kind of financial arrangement do you have with your (future) clients? Do you charge them per item or per hour? Perhaps a subscription model would work best for your business. Are rent, commissions, licences or the sale of data a much better idea? What else is possible if we come up with a well-thought-out mix?

Metrics: is your business in balance?

Your business is successful when you are able to strike a balance between keeping clients satisfied and earning enough profit from all your hard work. How can you keep an eye on this precarious balance? By developing clear metrics, you can monitor how successful your business truly is.

This module will help you gain more insight into your finances and allow you to...

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